You can't think of the safety and efficiency of a petrol hedge

Date:Jun 19,2017

When using a green fence to trim the machine, wear clothing that is suitable for outdoor work, and be sure to bring the following items: machine accessories and steel file; A spare fuel for a green hedge trimmer; Replacement blades; To identify the equipment (ropes, wooden CARDS) in the area of operation. A whistle (common or emergency). Don't wear baggy pants or bare feet, sandals, and straw shoes.


Considerations for the use of fuel:

The engine of a hedge trimmer is oil of oil and petrol, which is a flammable. Do not refuel or store fuel in incinerators, burner, stoves, etc.

Don't smoke when you're working or refueling.

When there is no fuel in the process, you must first stop the engine and make sure there is no fireworks around you.

When the fuel is spilled, you must clean the fuel that is attached to the body before you start the engine.

Seal the container after refueling, and then start the engine three meters above the fuel tank.

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